We accept any currency and all major credit card /debit card.

Country & Area Supporting Card Supporting Currency
North America Credit card US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Europe Credit card EURO/US Dollar/Great
China Credit card Chinese YUAN/US Dollar
Japan Credit card Japanese Yen/US Dollar
Korea Credit card Korean Won/US Dollar
Hong Kong Credit card HK Dollar/US Dollar
Africa Credit card US Dollar

Perfect Gateway to online payment!

VISA, MASTER (3D) Payment Gateway

A verification measure set up by credit card Association,for the protection of cardholder benefits.

VISA, MASTER (non-3D) Payment Gateway

A foreign credit card payment gateway, which can greatly improve your credit card payments rates.

Safe, secure and reliable online payments

Online payment solution

Merchant Account
Fundamental to accept credit cards online
Secure Gateway
Essential to send and authorise payments securely
FREE Integration Guides and Support
Allowing you to integrate your website seamlessly
FREE Virtual Terminal or VPOS System
Enabling you to process telephone orders
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